Palo Alto Therapy & Counseling, Dr. Lynn Alexander

I care deeply and passionately about helping people live richer, more satisfying lives.
As part of my commitment to this I have been teaching and supervising other therapists for the past 20 years at a variety of locations both locally and nationally, so I have experience you can trust. My particular focus is helping other therapists deepen their empathy and understanding to the point where they really can see the world their clients are showing them, as if they are standing in that person’s shoes, looking out through their eyes. This empathy and understanding will help you to feel safer, no longer so alone, and better able to face the things causing you pain.

If you are having a hard time, and want to feel better, no matter what you are dealing with, I can help you. I have been helping people to gain richer fuller, happier lives at Palo Alto Therapy & Counseling for over twenty years. Give me a call so we can meet and get started.